Why Go Pro

The short answer is that we believe — when it comes to photos, anyway – that it’s always best to go with a professional.  Someone who is not only caring and well-trained, but who has years of experience!


Many brides do not consider the potential problems they could face when Aunt Flo volunteers to take the wedding photos.  Though she may take striking photos in bright sunlight, her indoor photos may turn out differently.  Or a sudden rain cloud could have her running for attachments and filters instead of taking shots.  Worse – what if there’s a distraction during the ceremony?  Will a poorly-trained photographer or videographer turn to watch the action or would they keep their eyes on the bride and groom?     It could be cause for concern.


My youngest daughter gets around the kitchen very well .  She loves to make snacks for herself.  She enjoys microwaving Easy Mac’s and Ramen Noodles, or other single-portion meals.  She’s growing up and I’m very proud of her… but if we have company coming, she doesn’t get to be in charge of the kitchen — she’s just not ready for it.  (As a matter of fact, depending on the guests, I may even call on my Mom to help me out!  There are some things you simply don’t leave to chance. )


So why go P-R-O ?

P – So you can enjoy the Party on the day of your wedding, knowing that your Photos will be as close to Practically Perfect as humanly Possible.


R – When it all becomes a blur, try to Relax and breathe.  But don’t worry.  Rest assured that you will have beautiful photos and videos of each moment to help you Remember the magic all over again.


O – Long after it’s Over…when the tents are gone, the food has been eaten or given away and the floor has been swept clean; when the limo is parked and washed, and the guests have wandered away home.  When your mind is just beginning to turn to other things, then you’ll know that in a small Office somewhere, someone’s work is just beginning.  Screening, Editing, Enlarging, Cropping, Adding color, Removing clutter –whatever it takes to make the bride look beautiful.



If a bride doesn’t understand before her wedding, she certainly will afterward when she sees  her photos for the  first time.  And of course, it will be confirmed when the wedding album is placed into her hands.   But more than that,   if a bride doesn’t understand before her wedding, she’ll understand in the years that follow the wedding.   Long, LONG after the confetti has been swept and the honeymoon has been forgotten, there will be two things left to mark this day. …the precious memories, and the photos.   Thank Heaven for Professional Photographers.


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