Don’t forget to backup your digital photos!

With the popularity of the digital camera and memory cards and digital storage for your computer becoming more affordable, we are all collecting lots of digital photos.   We have all known many people who have lost everything on their computer due to a crash.    If a picture is important enough for you to take, it is important enough to preserve.  Some people use an external hard drive for backup.  This is a good next step, but to be safe it is always important to go to the next step and create a CD or DVD for your backup and keep them in a safe place.   As you make your backup, there is usually a “verify” option on your options – be sure to check this box – by doing this, your computer will go through and check all your data against any burn errors – then always physically check the CD or DVD after it is created to make sure that it burned correctly and all of your data is on it.  The next time you have computer problems, you will be so glad that you have your backups.  Dona